Monday, August 17, 2009

Thank You!!!

I would like to thank you all for the great discussions during class. I learned so much from this class. It was great to be around people that understand all the obstacles we face in the school library. I am walking away with some great resources. Most of all I am walking away with the knowledge that it is going to take lots of time and effort to get others to collaborate. I will have to remind myself that small steps will eventually lead to some positive changes. Again, thank you and I hope to see all of you soon.


E. Wyatt said...

I think if you remember your "start small" motto, it will serve you well. You'll be amazed that even when starting small, eventually you'll be involved in things that have snowballed into things you couldn't have imagined when you got started.

Keep me posted on your sound project and if you get funding for that effort!

Have a great school year!

Pam Meiser said...

Your project sounds very cool, Ibett! Good luck with the grant.

I think "small steps" and "start small were the theme for this semester. I just hope I can remember that myself!